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Our Story

Joelles emerged in the midst of the 2020 pandemic in Ireland, born from the dreams of two Brazilians who ventured to Dublin in 2015, seeking to craft a fresh life and career. As the world locked down, our path to entrepreneurship unveiled itself.

As a company specializing in home fragrances, also bringing a touch of Brazil to Ireland, our fragrances are inspired by the essences of Brazil, therefore activating olfactory memory and reliving moments through smell.

The Company also operates in the Olfactory Marketing sector, creating and developing exclusive fragrances for companies that want their brand to generate even more connection with their customers through essences.

Our products are carefully curated to provide an olfactory experience of well-being, combining exclusive scents with eco-friendly and vegan ingredients. 

Combining an Irish identity and a Brazilian soul. From labels to packaging, we care for recycling and reusability.

Explore our aromas and let our exclusive essences elevate your surroundings.

Mission and Values.

Our mission is to introduce a range of premium and eco home fragrances to the marketplace. Our values creation is sculpted from non-toxic ingredients, infusing sophistication and authenticity into living spaces.


Environment Friendly Products

You can find in our store from vegan candles made with soy wax and coconut wax up to room sprays and pillow mists made with essential oils and free from toxic chemicals.

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